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FreeUKGen is an initiative to help make more high quality primary (or near-primary) records of relevance to UK genealogy conveniently available online, preferably for free, in a coherent, easy to access and search, facility or set of facilities

FreeUKGen aims to provide the tools and support for its member projects (see below) and to do so in a way that makes good use of present knowledge about relevant computer science techniques, e.g. concerning interfaces, databases, data interchange protocols, and system design generally, and which is technically forward-looking.

FreeUKGen encourages large-scale volunteer effort, and makes good use of it, e.g. by reducing duplication of transcription and indexing efforts, and by facilitating widespread access to the information resources that are produced by such efforts.

FreeUKGen sets the standard for other organisations that are engaged in making genealogy resources available.

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FreeUKGEN Projects
Click to go to FreeBMD FreeBMD was the first of the FreeUKGen projects to launch. The searchable database first became available in January 1999, some five months after the ONS gave permission for the Project. Mocked at first as being "too big", it has proved all its doubters wrong, as it moves towards its target of completing the complete index at a faster rate than even the early fans thought possible.

We don't know if FreeBMD is the biggest voluntary transcription project ever, but we suspect it might be!

Click to go  to FreeCEN FreeCEN was the second of the FreeUKGen projects to come on-line. Transcription started in July 1999, and the online database launched in July 2003.

Since the launch of the search engine, a number of counties have been completed, and transcription is continuing at a rapid rate.

Click to go to FreeREG FreeREG was the third of the FreeUKGen projects to come on-line. Founded by Rod Neep (of Archive CD Books) in early 1999. The FreeREG search engine went live in September 2006.
Free??? FreeUKGen isn't going to rest on it's laurels. If you have a genealogical project in mind, and want to benefit from the facilities that FreeUKGen can offer, Get in touch!

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